Purpose Pursuit 101

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Purpose Pursuit 101 is a virtual class.

This simply means you can participate in this class from anywhere, your home, pajamas, wherever is comfortable for you. You will need your workbook and access to the internet.

The amazing thing about this class is that it is self-paced. We will only meet once a week virtually using join.me. However, I will provide you with a list of important dates to help ensure you are actively participating in your assignments. Each module should last a week, you can finish the module before the week is over, remember to pace yourself.


Course Begin Date: August 1st, 2018
Course End Date: September 11th, 2018

We will cover six modules:

  • Module I: Getting to Know the Real You
  • Module II: Identifying Your Why
  • Module III: Defining Purpose
  • Module IV: Understanding the Power Behind Your Name
  • Module V: Understanding the Power of Exposure
  • Module VI: Recognizing “IT” was in You all Along

The price is $75 for the next 72 HOURS!!

 Here is what you get:

  • Access to live webinars hosted by me
  • Purpose Pursuit 101 Workbook
  • Two one-one coaching sessions
  • Resources to assist you on your journey
  • Mentor feedback
  • Empowerment Group Sessions

You’ve been feeling like something is missing from your life. You’ve been wanting to start operating in your gifts and passions, but felt discouraged. Revelations will be made, strategies will be created, and PURPOSE will be pursued

It’s time to invest in YOU! Don’t sleep on yourself another moment. As a matter of fact, let’s do this together. BUT don’t wait, this class isn’t for everybody, it’s only for those WHO HAVE MADE A DECISION. Not for you? Don’t be selfish, tell a friend. Because this class is intimate, only 25 slots are available for the August session!

To register for Purpose Pursuit 101 click the link here: https://goo.gl/forms/rDPINUxTV9UUQRZg1

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