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Power of Building Relationship with Minority Students: Bridging the Achievement Gap

This workshop focuses on seven benefits of building relationships with minority students; it also serves as the umbrella of effective teaching and diverse learning. If you don’t know who you are teaching, how can you be effective in your instructional delivery or strategy? If you don’t know or understand who is in your classroom, how can you create a diverse learning experience?

Objective: During this workshop, educators will understand that building relationships with students

1. Increases rapport with the individual.
2. Increases receptiveness to learning.
3. Increases in teacher effectiveness.
4. Bridges the “achievement gap”.
5. Increases in social justice and equality in education.
6. Increases student engagement.
7. Reduces behavioral infractions.

What does this training look like?

  • Transparent
  • Active
  • Engaging
  • Barrier-Breaking
  • Eye Opening
  • Empowering

At the end of this training, we will have experienced all seven benefits.

Leaders-Problem Solvers-Critical Thinkers-Knowledge Seekers (Teacher Leadership)

As educators, we tend to look at as our administration team as the campus leaders and forget that every day we exemplify similar characteristics. As a matter of fact, we are all leaders in a sense. John Maxwell has a book, The 360 Degree Leader, in this book he addresses leadership myths. While we are educators, we still play a role in leadership. We must understand the power of leading from the middle.

This workshop is designed to acknowledge teacher leadership, shed light on what it means to lead from the middle, and characteristics of teacher leaders.

Objective: During this workshop, educators will

1. Identify ways that they can lead.
2. Debunk leadership myths.
3. Discuss the importance of collaboration.

What does this training look like?

  • Leadership activities
  • Open discussion
  • High energy
  • Active participation

Not only will educators meet the following objectives, they will also leave with activities and strategies that can be used in their own classrooms.

Empowered people, Empower People: Edifying Educators

When we are constantly pouring out into the minds and lives of others, sometimes we forget that we too must be filled. As educators, we wear many hats that we forget to take off. So often, we act as the ‘educator’ that we forget about the individual behind the educator. This begins to affect us mentally and spiritually, which leads to us wearing ourselves down and not fully walking in our calling as educators.

This workshop will focus on speaking to the heart and mind of the individual behind the educator; edifying the educator; it will involve open discussion, refueling, journaling, and a meet me in the middle activity.

During this workshop, educators will

1. Address what’s pulling from you.
2. Rediscover the driving force of their ‘why’ (why did you answer the call).
3. Examine their ‘why not’ (if not you, then who?).
4. Acknowledge ‘where they are’ in their journey as an educator.
5. Learn strategies to disconnect in order to reconnect.

At the end of this workshop, educators will leave inspired, recharged for the upcoming school year or their future endeavors, and with strategies to help them on their journeys such as health & wellness techniques, self-reflection techniques, effective journaling, and empowerment activities.

New Teacher Orientation (Can be customized with any of the above or need-based training)

Consulting Services for Schools of Education at Colleges/University

First Year Teaching Seminars: Walking into The Call

  • Survival Drive (USB Drives to use as graduation candidates walk into the classroom)
  • First Year Teaching Do’s and Don’ts
  • Classroom Management Guide (Developing an Effective System)
  • Lesson Planning (training)
  • Importance of Differentiating Instruction
  • Empowered people, empower people

Speaker or Facilitator: Empowerment and Motivation

Training/Workshops are topic/event based. See sample workshops below.

Getting to Know The Real You: Self-Discovery

Getting to Know The ‘Real’ You workshop focuses on self-discovery in order to beginning pursuing your purpose. Many of us have lost ourselves at some point in our life whether that be from childhood trauma, relationships, environment, etc. We have conformed to the beliefs and views of others, consequently forgetting how impactful, powerful, and purposeful we are.

This workshop will address how to regain your identity; learn who you are vs who ‘they’ say you are.

It will also involve exercises that allow attendees to look introspect and discover who they have always been so that they can beginning walking without self-imposed borders boldly in their calling, gifts, purpose, and heart’s desires.

This workshop is designed to empower women to become and be the best version of their desired self and begin the spiritual and mental detox process. It is a module from my Virtual Purpose Pursuit 101 course and workbook Purpose Pursuit 101: A Guide for Pursuing Purpose.


Purpose Pursuit 101: Workshop Series

Purpose Pursuit 101 is about discovering and pursuing your purpose. It is the foundation level of learning and understanding what you have been called to do. This class can change and shift the course of your life if you apply the guidance and tools that you receive.

Workshops are created around each module. This class/workshop includes a workbook. It is interactive and engaging.

Module I: Getting to Know the Real You
Module II: Identifying Your Why
Module III: Defining Purpose
Module IV: Understanding the Power Behind Your Name
Module V: Understanding the Power of Exposure
Module VI: Recognizing “IT” was in You all Along

Consulting Services for Non-profit Organizations

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Training

  • Volunteer recruitment training on how to onboard new volunteers, ways to recruit, and how to connect with potential volunteers.
  • Examine the current volunteer system, vision/mission of the organization to enhance and/or create resources to assist with the existing system (spreadsheets, google docs, etc.)

Consulting Services for Individuals

Vision Consulting

  • Purpose consultations, vision planning (individualized)
  • Book Editing
  • Transcribing book material

 #DontWriteMeOff Nonprofit Program: Potential Partnerships with Schools (2018)

*******All consulting services require an initial pre-assessment or observation.*******

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