Independent Educational Consultant

The Educator’s Call, LLC offers: 

Consulting Services for Elementary and Secondary Schools/School Districts

Professional Developments/Workshops

  • Power of Building Relationship with Minority Students: Bridging the Achievement Gap
  • Differentiated Instruction: Student-centered Classroom and Technology Engagement
  • Implementing Multicultural Curriculum
  • Classroom Management: Setting Realistic Goals
  • Leading from The Middle as Educators
  • Diversity in the Classroom: Do you really know who you are teaching?
  • Are you an Effective Teacher?


Consulting Services for Schools of Education at Colleges/University

First Year Teaching Seminars: Walking into The Call

  • Survival Drive (USB Drives to use as graduation candidates walk into the classroom)
  • First Year Teaching Do’s and Don’ts
  • Classroom Management Guide (Developing an Effective System)
  • Lesson Planning (training)
  • Importance of Differentiating Instruction
  • Empowered people, empower people


Consulting Services for Business and Organizations

  • Speaker or Facilitator: Empowerment and Motivation


Consulting Services for Non-profit Organizations

Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Trainings

  • Volunteer recruitment trainings on how to onboard new volunteers, ways to recruit, and how to connect with potential volunteers.
  • Examine current volunteer system, vision/mission of the organization to enhance and/or create resources to assist with existing system (spreadsheets, google docs, etc.)


#DontWriteMeOff Nonprofit Program: Potential Partnerships with Schools (2018)


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